More than ever before, many people have had to find various ways to learn how to effectively manage their living space. Whether it's a small area in your house or a tiny apartment that you have to live in, you’re not the only person out there that has to make do with less when it comes to living space.


So can you get the most out of your cramped living arrangements without going insane? How can your tiny apartment be cozy and inviting while still remaining functional? Let’s find out.


Storage Is Key

As you would expect with small living spaces, a lot of the time there just isn’t enough room for conventional storage solutions. However, all you need to do is get a little bit creative and think outside the box to make use of some creative storage methods. You have to do whatever it takes to keep your clothes and clutter out of the way but still in a convenient location.


Often times there is always a large amount of unused space in a closet that is “full” - there is always room for another shelf or two. Don’t be afraid to use shelving in high areas that you might need a small step ladder to reach. Simply store items that you won't use often in these locations.


The areas beneath your kitchen cabinets can (and should) be utilized to store things like wine glasses and spices. You can also think about utilizing furniture that can be stored away easily, such as a rollaway pantry or kitchen island.

 Live big in your small space

Use More Flexible Furniture

You have limited space, so why not let your furniture do more work. Don’t just choose beds and couches that look great, get furniture that can serve multiple functions as well.


As mentioned before, you can never have too much storage space in a small living area, so why not get furniture that has hidden storage compartments. Utilize beds that have built in drawers or get a few stylish crates that you can slide under you bed with extra sheets, clothes, etc.


Furniture that can be hidden away, or simply made smaller when you aren’t using them, are very important as well. Fold down tables or a short bench by the doorway that can be used to store shoes, are perfect ways to do more with less.


Having The Right Coat Of Paint Is More Important Than You Think

Having the right colors in your small area does more than increase its aesthetic appeal. If you utilize the right colors on your walls and ceiling you can essentially create the illusion of a more spacious environment while also creating a cozy setting as well.

Neutral colors like whites, light grays, and creams, will all give your room a sense of cleanliness and sleekness; while also making the areas seem bigger and brighter as well. In addition to this, by painting your ceiling white you can essentially create a sense of expansiveness overhead by drawing viewer’s eyes upwards.


However, if your goal is to make you room seems smaller that it actually is, you can introduce dark colors like dark gray, black, etc. This can create a cozy environment in rooms like dens. Whether you’re going big or small, light or dark, painting your room is an extremely cost effective way to get the result that you want.


Having limited floor space doesn’t automatically mean that you have to live uncomfortably or unfashionably. By thinking creatively you can remove the clutter from our life and be organized, happy, and comfortably in your cozy little space.