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Garage Shelving: Our Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking can be a great storage solution for your large or small business. It allows you to have a complete storage solution which is neat and simple to use. At Garage Shelving we have a selection of different pallet racking systems for you to choose from so that you can find the right solution for you.
We have complete systems which come with pallets and shelving so you can get everything that you need and know that it will all work together. These are different shapes and sizes to fit in the space that you need. You can have something that is tall and thin or long and short depending on the space that you have. They also accommodate different amounts of pallets which means that you can choose the one which have the exact amount that you need.
If you do not need a complete system then you can buy the separate parts. You can purchase racking frames and beams with the option of normal, heavy duty or galvanised. There are also timber decks available to purchase as well as wire mesh decks depending on your needs. You can also buy deck kits, deck supports and row spacers so you can design your own storage solution if you need something that is customised. You can also get drum chocks and ‘D’ bar racks.
This means that whatever your pallet racking needs, you will be able to find what you need here. Whether you want something already put together for you in a standard size or you want to buy all of the parts so that you can customise something, you can purchase what you want for either option. This gives you the flexibility to get the perfect solution to fit your specific needs all from one place.
Also why don’t you take advantage of our FREE SITE VISIT service which will allow us to visit your and discuss your requirements. We will then come back to our design office and put your specification into action providing a detailed CAD Drawing Design which you can then sign off and order. We are also proud to offer Next Day Delivery and installation providing you the complete start to finish service you need.

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