Stockroom Shelving

Stockroom Shelving

Stockroom storage can sometimes be trickier than warehouse storage, because the available space is oftentimes smaller and there is a higher storage density required in a stockroom. Also, typical stockroom operations include more manual product handling rather than automated processes, which are usually the case in larger warehouses. Therefore, the storage systems should reflect these particularities of stockroom operations and storage needs. Our design service aims to deliver exactly that: stockroom shelving systems that perfectly suit your daily operations, supporting fast product movement and decreased manual labour.

Due to the fact that we have a huge range of shelving and racking in stock, all of different sizes, shelf materials and featuring different accessories, we are able to design custom stockroom shelving systems that suit all space layouts and all needs. Our design team makes use of our great stock to put together bespoke solutions for your needs quickly, so that you can have your stockroom up and running in no time. Moreover, your shelving and racking will be fitted by SEIRS certified installers, so you don’t have to worry about health and safety procedures or compliance.

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