As garage shelving and storage experts we get a lot of questions about layouts, formats and ways to make your garage look and feel bigger and more spacious than it actually is.

We decided to write this article on how best to create space utilising racking and many of our storage solutions. These tips can be used to make any room look bigger or more spacious but they are specifically geared to garages and out-door buildings.

Garage Shelving Tips

10 Tips to Make Space in Your Garage

Go Tall not Long – Tall shelving or racking allows you utilise space that would not be used otherwise, such as the foot down from a garage roof.

Add Mirrors – Add a mirror or 2 where possible. Mirrors reflex light and make a wall seem longer in the process. 

White Wash – White walls make any space look bigger than it actually is. If this is utilised with large windows and mirrors you can make a small space look extremely spacious.

Remove Clutter – Get rid of the old equipment and box or rack everything that isn’t used on a daily basis. Create a walkway and keep as much flooring clear as possible

Clear Floors – The more floor you can see in a room, the larger your perception of the room will be.

Don’t Do Too Much – Less is more, and when you have a limited space to work with, remember that you don’t actually need 4 spades in 1 garage!

Utilise the fold – Use fold up equipment such as chairs and tables that you can easily store away behind racking or under tables when they are not needed.

Standing work benches – Higher tables and benches create the image of more space through the use of height, similar to point 1, they also utilise the clear floors point as more floor can be seen, and people will assume the garage is bigger.

Paint the Celling – Adding a colour to the roof against the white walls will create a colour break making the roof seem higher.

Free hanging Shelves – Building on the clear floors point, having free-hanging shelves will allow the entire floor to be clear and hence more visible.